The Listening module is done first. It consists of 4 sections and there are 10 questions in each section for a total of 40 questions. Before listening to the questions, the student has a chance to read the question and highlight key words. The audio is then played and the student must fill in or select the answers while listening. The audio is only played once.

Most students usually get their best score on the Listening. However, it is not easy. To prepare for the listening, if your level is intermediate or below, you can do listening from English practice books such as Headway, Cutting Edge or similar English language books. If your English is strong intermediate or above, you can do listening from more difficult books like Market Leader. It is recommended that students of all levels listening to English news on the radio or television. While preparing for the IELTS, students should watch television and listen to the radio for a total of 2 hours each day. Do not use subtitles while doing this.