The Speaking module of the IELTS is not always done on the day of the test. It may be done the day before the test, the day of the test, or the day after the test. It lasts 10-14 minutes and is done one-on-one with an IELTS examiner, who will be a native speaker of English.

The test consists of 3 sections, or tasks.

The first task consists of a series of general questions, which means that every student who comes into the room will have an idea about the topic. Example questions include “Where did you grow up?”, “What do you do in your spare time?” and “What is your favorite color?”

The second task is called the Long Turn. This part requires the student to speak on their own for 1-2 mintues without stopping. Students are given a card with a series of prompts on them. The student has one minute to look at the card, arrange their speech, and then talk for 1-2 minutes. The focus in this task is on clarity of speech, organization and time management.

The third task consists of a series of questions that are connected to the topic presented in the second task. For example, if the second task prompts you to talk about a concert, the third task will follow up with questions about music, entertainment, and other related topics. This task is often the most difficult because it asks questions in a more abstract way. An example is “What kind of music is best to listen to while studying?” Answers for this task should not be too short.

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